Trade shows, fairs and other public outreach opportunities should not be missed either. Wherever you have public contact, you need printed materials to give to potential customers. While many of these items may be tossed away, you only need one to come back and buy to make it worthwhile. Brochures, Business Cards, Post Cards and other give away items are vital to cementing your brand into potential customers' minds.


Do you have a special event looming, and not enough people to attend representing your company? We can help. Give us a call, we will be the person who promotes your business to attendees.

When you need to project the best image of your business to the public, you need someone who is expert at providing that image. Writing press releases for special moments in your business's evolution are mandatory to maintaining and growing your corporate image.

We have the media contacts, the professional relationships and the knowhow to get results.


Located in Verdigris, Oklahoma, Masterpiece Imaging specializes in providing

excellent customer service, quick project completion, and the goal to become

an integral Partner in Your Business' Success!


One of the biggest mistakes we see businesses do is to send news media a flyer of a special event they are promoting. That means the publication or news outlet, if they find it of interest, has to assign a writer to cover the event. All news outlets are strapped for personnel and time, so most of these attempts are futile.


What is effective is providing the news media with a well-written press release, complete with photographs, contact info, and details. When it is well written it has a high potential to actually be printed. You do need to know how to put one together within the rules of print, including the AP style book. Most people don't have a clue how to do this well. We do. How is your social media marketing coming along? Many businesses are good at this, many are not. Again, we can help. All of your special events, sales, etc., should be promoted not only in print, but also throughout social media outlets. These messages should be as consistent in branding as your print media


When planning your marketing campaigns, it is imperative that we identify your ideal customer, where they are, and how to reach them  There are all sorts of marketing outreach opportunities, some will work for one business, but not another. Our job is to sort it all out. We will develop a strategy that works.